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Actor, Audiobook Narrator, Voiceover Artist

    Hello, I'm Abigail!  A lifelong artist and performer who found a love for music and acting as a child. I studied opera and choral conducting at the undergraduate level after having my interest in performance piqued by many roles in musical theater growing up. 


    I spent time studying under acclaimed acting coach Howard Fine in Los Angeles, and was cast as the lead role in the web series Cleaner Daze (Austin Film Festival 2017, Tribeca 2018).  I now get to do what I love from the comfort of my own home - telling stories using my voice. Transitioning from the world of theater to voice over & audiobook narration couldn't have felt more natural, as I have always been a book-worm, often caught hiding under my blankets with a book & flashlight when I was supposed to be asleep.


     I am a Northern California native, raised between the redwoods and the ocean, currently living in the Pacific Northwest.  When not in my home studio in Oregon, you can find me exploring the nearby forests with my toddler on my back, baking sourdough bread, fermenting everything in sight, sewing, running, gardening and hanging out with my giant black German Shepherd, black cat & six chickens.. If you really want to get me going, ask me about foraging for mushrooms & other wild edibles, herbal medicine, bike polo, rock climbing, home birth, hitchhiking around Europe, working in horse therapy, and the myriad of farms I've worked on (I have a special affinity for flowers, milk cows & Icelandic sheep).

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