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        With over 60 books on Audible,  I am a versatile performer who is exceptionally dedicated to my craft, driven by the art of storytelling to stir emotion and inspire human connection.         

      My  voice has been described as strong, elegant and sincere, with a wide range of character voices that hold an empathetic quality and will pull you into a story.  I enjoy narrating all genres of audiobooks, but I hold a specific love of stories that transport you to another time & place - particularly,  retellings of classic mythology and folklore.  Add a few complex & nuanced characters, and you’ve probably written my new favorite book.  I’m also a huge nerd for historical fiction (vikings, please) and fantasy (ask me about my Lord of the Rings tattoo and George MacDonald podcast). 

       My background in theater & voice lend themselves to my storytelling in a unique way that truly brings my characters to life. 

​       I am passionate about so many different things, which is one of the reasons I love audiobooks so much - gaining experiences through the eyes of so many different characters!  Some of my own favorite experiences and interests: studying opera & choral conducting at Cabrillo College, working in horse therapy with children with disabilities, hitchhiking & working on small farms all over Europe, working as an au pair for a quadriplegic friend in Belgium, being a nanny in Thailand, working on an organic flower farm in Northern California, regenerative agriculture and being an ethical omnivore, milking cows, raising baby chickens, hunting wild turkeys, butchering my own sheep, sewing, knitting, crafting of all kinds, baking sourdough bread and fermenting anything I can, gardening, hiking, backpacking, foraging for mushrooms & other wild edibles, herbal medicine, rock climbing, bike polo, dressing up for the Renaissance Faire, home birth, to name a few things...

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